Hi Families! 

I have compiled a list of learning opportunities to do at home. Please know there is no assigned learning this week and these activities are optional! I will continue to update you all via email. 

I hope you all are staying safe and healthy during this time! Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I am here for you and often check my emails throughout the day. 

I miss seeing the kids every day!

Linda Poole

Updated March 2020


Daily Schedule 

10:30-11:05 Lunch 
11:05-11:30 Word Work 
11:30-11:45  Recess 
11:45-12:45  Writer's Workshop 
12:45-1:45  Reader's Workshop 
1:50-2:10   Recess/Snack 
2:15-3:00  Encore 
3:00-3:35  Content 
3:40   Dismissal 

 Encore Schedule
Day 1   Art
Day2  Library/Guidance 
Day 3  PE 2 
Day 4  Music 
 Day 5 PE 1 

Classroom Expectations:All students will treat each others with respect, ALWAYS put forth their best effort and NEVER give up. 

Current Lessons: I am sending you a 2nd Grade News via email along with sites and passwords for these sights.
For more work from home activities, check out the PWCS At Home Learning website.

2nd Grade Standards of Learning.pdf

Opportunities for Learning at Home (3).docx

Choice Board Mar. 30th (1).pdf

Choice Board- Week of April 13th- 2nd Grade.pdf

Ashland Learning Board - 4.27.20 - 2nd Grade.p

Ashland Learning Board - 5.4.20- 2nd Grade.pdf

Ashland Learning Board - 5.11.20 - 2nd Grade.pdf

Ashland Learning Board - 5.18.20 - 2nd Grade.pdf

Ashland Learning Board - 5.25.20 - 2nd Grade.pdf

Ashland Learning Board - 6.1.20 - 2nd Grade .pdf

Ashland Symbaloo: https://www.symbaloo.com/mix/ashlandes

*Brainpop Jr

*Scholastic is doing a free program for the next few weeks. It has activities for different grade levels: reading books, articles, videos, and activities. It would be a great resource to send to parents!


*EPIC books: Class code is krv0865(Monday-Friday 6:00Am-4:00 PM)

Contact Information: poolelj@pwcs.edu