Updated - 6/8/20

Welcome Message:


Hello Green Frog Families,

This week, we are going to end our year by celebrating our wonderful memories of our Kindergarten year together! You have accomplished so much this year, both in person and through virtual learning. We are so proud of how much you have learned and how far you have come!
Congratulations, YOU are about to become First Graders!!!

Thursday's ZOOM -
Wear your NEW Green Frog Class T-shirt and bring your favorite ice cream for our End-of-year Celebration Zoom!

We want to wish you a safe & fun-filled summer of adventure!

💜 💙 & hugs.
Mrs. Petrie & Mrs. Hummel
~ Forever your Kindergarten Teachers


What's * NEW * for the week of June 8 - 12 ?

*  New Document added below - 'Ashland Learning Board 6.8.20 Kindergarten' 
 New File at Bottom - 'End of Year Memory Book'.


Flat Teachers BINGO card and ongoing activity.
~ Take us with you wherever you go and try to earn a Bingo!

Flat Teacher Bingo Card 2020.docx

Your Flat Teachers - On The Go (2).png

Flat Students June 2020.docx


Learning Websites available to families:

Ashland Symbaloo Page -
Then click the big red 'K' for the kindergarten grade level.

Raz Kids Reading -
Teacher Name - mpetrie1
Click your child's name & their password & 'Go'.

I-station (Phonics)- 
Use your sign on info shared in parent email.
Click on the 'Reading with ISIP' icon at the top left.
(We say to the children - "Look for the open book.")

Dreambox Math -
Look at far right hand side of the Ashland login box in blue letters.
Click on: "No classroom code? Click here."
Select the green ogre picture called "102 - Petrie"
Click your child's name & their password.

Links to the Ashland Resource Teachers:

Reading Specialist Web Page

Gifted Web Page

School Counselors Web Page

EL Web Page

Current Documents:

Ashland Learning Board - 6.8.20 - Kindergarten.pdf

Ashland Learning Board - 6.1.20 - Kindergarten.pdf

Kindergarten SOLS Taught 2019-2020.pdf

End of Year Goals:

Identify letters and sounds in the beginning, middle, and end positions of a word and individually rapidly and automatically; punch out short vowel sounds in the middle of a word; explore /sh/, /th/, /ch/ digraph sounds.

Sight Words: 
 Read and write a minimum of 30 - 40 sight words rapidly and automatically.

CVC words and sounding out activities; retelling stories with details by beginning, middle, and end; discussing the characters, settings, and events of a story; using inflection in your voice when reading; identify & produce rhyming words; using a combination of known sight words and sounding out words to read and understand level 4 developmentally appropriate books.

Labeling pictures; writing lists; using a combination of known sight words and phonetically spelled words to write sentences with details that match your pictures; explore Narrative Writing, Informational Writing, and Opinion Writing; write your first, middle, & last names with only 1 uppercase letter to start each.

Count sets, identify, read, select, & write numbers 0 - 20. Count to 100 by 1's and 10's. Verbally identify the number before or number after a given number. Explore oral story telling to make up stories & practice adding two sets together to get 10 or less and practice subtracting with 10 or less by taking a set amount away to get fewer. Explore, identify, describe, create, & extend patterns visually, auditorily, & kinesthetically. Identify fractions of a set and of a region by representing & solving practical problems involving equal sharing with 2 sharers. Sort, classify, and describe objects by their common attributes: color, size, shape, etc. Identify and describe coins and their values and penny equivalence: penny, nickel, dime, quarter. Identify, describe, and compare plane shapes and their attributes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle. Measurement: Compare 2 objects using direct comparison for length, height, weight, temperature, volume, and time and use appropriate comparison vocabulary.

Science & Social Studies:  
Using concepts taught to explore, study, and understand the world we live in, past and present.

Contact Information:

Emails: petrieml@pwcs.edu

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You Tube Channel: 
'Mrs. Petrie's Kindergarten Green Frogs'


Daily Schedule:
 Morning Chores to Unpack
 Morning Work
 Class Meeting
 L.A. Centers
 Lunch (11:05 - 11:35)
 Handwriting & Writing
 Encore (1:45 - 2:15)
 Science/Social Studies
 Core Extension/I-Play/Kindles
Afternoon Chores to Clean/Pack Up
 Dismissal (3:40)

Encore Schedule:

 Day 1 PE 
 Day 2 Music 
 Day 3 PE 
 Day 4 Art 
 Day B Guidance Library 

Classroom Expectations:

Class Purpose -
We come to school to learn and make friends
so we can become smart caring 
grown ups.

Class Vision -
We are the kind, caring Green Frogs.

Be a Quality Listener.  
~ Eyes are looking.
~ Brain is thinking.
~ Ears are listening.
~ Lips are closed.
~ Hands are folded.
~ Feet are quiet.